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Which Hydration Infusion is Right for You?

Everyone is unique, making each hydration session tailored as needed.We are licensed medical professionals with years of experience, ensuring your infusions will be safe and effective every time.

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What are the Benefits of Hydration Therapy?

Dehydration can deprive you of energy, beauty and vitality. Hydration Therapy can mitigate various problems that our clients face. Click below to learn more!

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What Is Hydration Therapy?

Hydration Therapy is the intravenous delivery of hydration fluids that may improve overall wellness and vitality. IV Hydration Therapy may provide various benefits including boosting energy, relief from illness and improved fitness. Dehydration is a culprit for a wide-variety of common problems such as headaches, fatigue, anxiety and dry skin. IV Hydration Therapy can provide a solution that may mitigate these health issues. Our goal is to provide IV Hydration Therapy in a convenient manner from the comfort of your own home!

How Our Process Works?

First, you must sign up for a mobile or in-spa hydration session by calling us or filling out the contact form. Next, we will come to you or you will come to our spa--this will depend on what you choose. Finally, before you are given any medications or IV fluids, we have you fill out a brief form letting us know what medications you are taking and any pre-existing medical conditions you have. We then take vitals to evaluate your suitability for treatment. This is done in an effort to preserve your safety while ensuring we follow all guidelines to deliver medically ethical service.

Why Hydration Therapy?

Apart from the obvious health benefits, Coastal Hydration Therapy comes to you! Imagine not having to leave the comfort of your own home to get the vital hydration you need and want! The foundation of hydration therapy is the 1L lactated ringers containing normal saline, potassium and calcium. Sodium is a vital electrolyte for healthy muscles; potassium is an electrolyte that aids in hydration that is lost on a daily basis; and calcium is also very important for health, wellness and hydration.

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